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Sending More Than Money Home

A Household Name
in Remittance

As one of Nepal’s leading remittance company,
IME Remit has played a crucial role in safely
facilitating remittance transfers

IME Remit is Nepal’s No. 1 remittance company with 20+ years of experience. Our partnership with international and domestic remittance companies enables our clients to send and receive money worldwide.

  • 5K +

    franchise outlets
  • 2M +

    Households Benefitted
  • 35K +

    Nationwide agents
  • 40K +

    Indirect Employments
  • 150K +

    Global   Locations
  • 20K +

    Direct Employments
Our Global

Remittance Partners

Receiving More Than Just Money

Sending and Receiving
Money Made Easy

Pick up your cash

Visit an IME counter or our agent near you to receive cash instantly.

Get Money in Your Bank

Receive remittance directly into your bank account in Nepal.

Receive Money in IME Pay

Track and receive the remittance funds in your IME Pay wallet.

Building Nepali Economy One
Family at a Time

Nepal is one of the highest remittance recipient countries
in the world. The remittance inflow has largely contributed
to our nation’s economy and has provided financial stability
to many Nepali families. IME Remit has played a significant
role in facilitating this process
Our Mobile app

Remit in Just a Minute

With IME Pay, receiving money across borders is now just a tap away! Access your account, enter remittance details, track the money, and receive it, at ZERO extra fee to you.

Select sender country

from where you are receiving the remittance.

Enter control number

of 12 – 16 digits received from the sender.

Enter amount

you are expecting from the sender.

Track your money

in real time, directly in the app.

Receive money and bonus

straight in your IME account, along with other rewards.
Download the “IME Pay” App now

के तपाईंले पठाएको पैसा ढिलो प्राप्त भयो ?
तुरुन्तै प्राप्त गर्न आइएमई गरौं।

Swift. Secure. Simple

Difference with IME

Fast, Reliable & Secure

At IME, fast, secure money transfers are our priority. We swiftly deliver funds to your loved ones while safeguarding the money.

20 years of experience

With over 20+ years perfecting money transfers, rest assured that your money’s safe with us.

Global Network

Our vast global network spans 150K+ locations in 200+ countries. Count on us for all your local and international money transfers.

Ease & Convenience

We realize how important money transfer is for you and your loved ones and prioritize your ease and convenience.

विश्वको जुनसुकै स्थानबाट पठाएको पैसा नेपालमा तपाईं नजिकै रहेका आइएमईका शाखाहरूमा तुरुन्तै
प्राप्त गर्नुहोस् ।

विश्वको जुनसुकै स्थानबाट पठाएको पैसा नेपालमा तपाईं नजिकै रहेका आइएमईका शाखाहरूमा तुरुन्तै
प्राप्त गर्नुहोस् ।

Send Money to Nepal in a safe, secure manner

Send money internationally to Nepal

We are present in over 25 countries, including Malaysia,
Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, the UK,
the USA, and Bahrain.


It has been 15 years since I became an IME agent.

It has been 15 years since I became an IME agent.The service offered by IME has provided us with easy access to the remittance facility. I am well known as IME Dai in Illam and the feeling that I am able to contribute to the well-being of my community is motivating and self-sustaining.
Dillip Poudel
Before it was very difficult for us to receive money from my husband. We had to face a financial crunch as well. But today, the situation has changed. We are able to receive money in real-time, all because of IME. The entire money transfer process is easy, safe, and affordable.
Anu Rai
I remember traveling to Birtamod just to receive money sent by my cousin which was inconvenient. Today, we are able to receive money through IME agents located nearby. Due to easy access to the remittance facility, I am able to fulfill the day-to-day livelihood and business needs
Hari Kumar Rai