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Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Khilendra Paudel, Chief Executive Officer, IME Limited holds significant experience of more than 20 years in the remittance industry.

Khilendra Paudel

Mr. Khilendra Paudel has a strong track record of leading business concepts that drive organizational growth and possesses excellent technical, communication, and presentation skills. Mr. Paudel completed his Master’s degree from Tribhuvan University, with a major in Account, Finance, and Marketing.

Mr. Paudel holds numerous critical positions within the IME group of companies, including director of IME Digital Solution Limited and member of the Board of Directors of IME India Pvt. Ltd, Sani Securities Limited, and Smart Choice Technologies Pvt. Ltd. His diverse set of skills and experiences make him a valuable asset to any organization or community he is a part of. Mr. Paudel is determined to work with key stakeholders to drive business development and guarantee overall company growth with a proven history of success in both business and community leadership.

In addition to his professional work, Mr. Paudel is a prominent member of the community and has rendered valuable services to the underprivileged.