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How can I send money to Nepal from Qatar?

The Arab Gulf states, particularly Qatar, are a popular destination for Nepalis. In Qatar’s 2.6 million population, there are 2.2 million migrants, with 350,000 Nepalis – more than the local population. In 2017/2018, the country hosted 29 percent of all Nepali employees traveling outside of India, with workers bringing home $870 million in remittances. As a result, migrant workers and others rely on IME Remit to transfer money globally and locally, as the company has a global network with a presence in more than 200 countries and networks spanning over one million locations.

The fast, reliable, and secure – IME Remit prioritizes people’s ease and convenience for how important it is for migrant workers to send money to Nepal from Qatar and other countries back home. Migrant workers who want to send money to Nepal through IME have been assisted and assured of safety and security by IME representatives and business partners in Qatar. Our business partners in Qatar include Al Dar for Exchange Works, UNIMONI Exchange LLC, AL-Jazeera Exchange Company, and RIA Money Transfer, and there are three different representative officers you may rely on to address your money transfer needs.

You can simply get hold of our business partners in Qatar who will lead you to the nearest location and assist you to send money to Nepal from Qatar.
So, IME Garau if you ever want to send money to Nepal from Qatar.

Our Representative
Officer in Qatar

Hemraj Subedi


Chabbi Lal Subedi


Krishna Prasad Lamichhane


How to Send Money From Qatar to Nepal?

Follow the quick and easy 4-step process
below to send money home.


the nearest IME remittance partner near you. Note that we have different partners in each country. Partner below is provided below.


the details of the remittance including receiver detail, total fund, and location to the agent.


a small service fee to ensure your loved ones receive the full amount and aren’t charged any fees.


assured that the money has reached your loved ones through our IME agents, IME counters, their bank accounts or IME Pay Wallet.



Al Dar for Exchange Works

IBA Buildings, C-Ring Road, Near Doha Cinema, State of Qatar
Customer Care No. – +974-44550500

Unimoni Exchange LLC

Regency Business Center-3 Grand Hamad Street, P.O. Box 31645, Doha,
State of Qatar
Customer Care :- +974-44365252

AL-Jazeera Exchange Company

Al Sadd St, Doha, State of Qatar
Customer Care no. :- +974-44492800

Ria Money Transfer