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In Malaysia, there is a significant Nepali population, which includes migrant workers and their families. In 2020, Malaysia had about 382,000 registered Nepali employees, the majority of whom were employed in the manufacturing industry. Malaysia sent the most money to Nepal. In the first 11 months of the previous fiscal year, Nepal Rastra Bank reported that Rs.132.75 billion was sent home (Nepal). And this is what IME Remit assures its people – ease and convenience for migrant workers to send money to Nepal from Malaysia.

With 5 million households benefited by IME Remit, we have over 20 years of experience in money transfer by helping migrant workers connect to our business partners and representative officers in Malaysia. RIA Money Transfer is one of our nearest partner agents taking care of migrant workers who want to send money to Nepal from Malaysia. RIA Money Transfer in Malaysia has been serving migrant workers who send money to Nepal through IME Remit and has assured them of their safety.

How to Send Money From Malaysia to Nepal?

Follow the quick and easy 4-step process
below to send money home.


the nearest IME remittance partner near you. Note that we have different partners in each country. Partner below is provided below.


the details of the remittance including receiver detail, total fund, and location to the agent.


a small service fee to ensure your loved ones receive the full amount and aren’t charged any fees.


assured that the money has reached your loved ones through our IME agents, IME counters, their bank accounts or IME Pay Wallet.



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