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How can I send money to Nepal from Canada?

Nepali migrant workers in Canada are part of a relatively small but growing community. According to the 2021 Census, the total population of Nepalese Canadians by ancestry is 21,975, with significant populations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and Manitoba.

The majority of Nepalese in Canada migrated in pursuit of better economic opportunities and professional fulfillment. They are a well-educated group, occupying various positions such as professors, bankers, foresters, accountants, doctors, engineers, architects, and more.

IME Remit provides simple and convenient options to send money, including instant cash pickup and account transfers. This has made it easier for Nepalese in Canada to send money to their loved ones in Nepal.

The availability of reliable and secure remittance service further facilitated the flow of funds from the Canadian Nepalese diaspora to their beneficiaries in Nepal, strengthening the financial ties between the two countries.

How to Send Money From Canada to Nepal?

Follow the quick and easy 4-step process
below to send money home.


The nearest IME remittance partner near you. Note that we have different partners in each country. Partner below is provided below.


The details of the remittance including receiver detail, total fund, and location to the agent.


A small service fee to ensure your loved ones receive the full amount and aren’t charged any fees.


Assured that the money has reached your loved ones through our IME agents, IME counters, their bank accounts or IME Pay Wallet.



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