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United Kingdom

Send Money from United Kingdom to Nepal in a easy, safe and convenient manner

The trend of migration of Nepalese to United Kingdom dates back to 19th century when Gurkhas from Nepal started serving in the British Army. Known as fearless combats Gurkhas have served the British army with loyalty, bravery for over 200 years. Despite recruitment in British Army started 200 years ago, restriction in Nepalese migration to Britain was eased just a decade ago and ever since, Nepalese community is regarded as one of the fastest growing minority groups spread across UK. Nepalese today, form a solid culturally diverse and economically active groups in UK.

As per the 2011 census report, London and South England are recognized as the regions with the largest Nepalese born counting 19,051 and 19,111 Nepalese origin people respectively. Likewise, the growing attraction for Nepalese students aspiring for higher education has made London one of the preferred destination choices for further education.

IME has spread its services throughout the United Kingdom in the quest of making remittance services accessible to every Nepalese diaspora willing to send money back home. IME offers fast, reliable, and secure remittance services worldwide and has always prioritized people’s convenience and safe transfer of money.

How to Send Money From UK to Nepal?

Follow the quick and easy 4-step process
below to send money home.


the nearest IME remittance partner near you. Note that we have different partners in each country. Partner below is provided below.


the details of the remittance including receiver detail, total fund, and location to the agent.


a small service fee to ensure your loved ones receive the full amount and aren’t charged any fees.


assured that the money has reached your loved ones through our IME agents, IME counters, their bank accounts or IME Pay Wallet.



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