Send Money from Japan to Nepal

You can send money to any part of Nepal. You can visit our nearest IME agent locations to send money home to your loved ones.

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Kyodai Remittance

169-0073 Tokyo to, Shinjuku ku, Hyakunin cho 2-4-8, Stairs Bldg. 2F

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Send money to Nepal via Kyodai Remittance?

In order to send money, you must be a KYODAI REMITTANCE member.

Just need to fill up the Registration form with your information and receiver information, plus your valid Identification document and My Number document.

Valid ID documents:

Foreigners:   Valid Residence card with current address

  1. Driver's license with current address
  2. My number card with current address
  3. Passport and second ID document with current address (National health insurance or  Pension book  or  Juminhyou)

After your registration is completed, you are ready to send money to your love ones!

There are two ways to send money home:

  1. Counters: We have more than 15 branches and agents in all over Japan and our international staff will be happy to help you. Bring your valid Identification document (ID). 
    Click here to learn more about the branches:
  2. Kyodai Card: It is one of the fastest, convenient and at your own control. The receiver information is already tagged in the card during it issue. You send send by visiting your nearby ATM of the Japan Post Bank.   
    Please click the next link to see the Japan Post ATM’s locations.

Our Representative Officer in Japan

Dileep Raj Pandit