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Send Money From MoneyGram to Nepal

Trusted by 150plus million consumers spread across the world, MoneyGram has been serving the community for more than 80 years. MoneyGram offers money transfer and other financial services around the globe for individuals and businesses to send and receive money internationally. It operates in over 200 countries and territories and has a network of agents and branches around the world.

How to Send Money from MoneyGram to Nepal?

MoneyGram allows customers to send money back to their friends, family, or businesses in different currencies throughout the world. Customers can send money to Nepal through Moneygram by following very easy and simple steps:

  • Find a MoneyGram agent location:Customers can Visit the MoneyGram website or use their mobile app to find a nearby agent location that offers services to Nepal.
  • Collect necessary information:
    1. Recipient’s details, including their full name as it appears on their identification document,
    2. Contact information, and
    3.  Pick-up City
  • Visit the agent location:Visit the chosen MoneyGram agent location and fill out a send form. Provide the necessary information, including your name, address, and contact information.
  • Provide the recipient’s details:Fill in the recipient’s information accurately on the form. Double-check the spelling of the name and other details to avoid any issues.
  • Choose the payout option:Select the payout option for the recipient in Nepal. IME offers cash pickup, bank deposit and direct wallet deposit facility in Nepal.
  • Payment:Make payment to the agent the amount of money you want to send, along with the transfer fee and any additional charges.
  • Collect the receipt: After making the payment, the agent will provide you with a receipt that contains the reference number (also known as the tracking number or transfer control number). Keep this receipt safe, as you will need it for tracking the transfer and sharing the reference number with the recipient.
  • Share the reference number with the recipient:Inform the recipient in Nepal about the transfer and provide them with the reference number. They will need it to pick up the money.IME has 35000 plus agent payout locations spread across Nepal which allows customers to receive their sent money in cash.