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How to Send Money to Nepal

For countries like Nepal, overseas migration has become one of the leading sources for earning foreign currency and has played a crucial role in reducing the unemployment problem that has hindered the economic stability of the country.

The trend of Nepalese workers going for foreign employment has been increasing every year. Not just unskilled but also highly skilled, efficient, and trained manpower are moving out of the country in search of better opportunities, better pay, and better living standard.

Send Money from All over the world to Nepal:

One can send money from any part of The remittance facility has been one of the major boons for most families in developing nations.  These remittance facilities have helped most families to sustain their livelihood as well as improve their living standards. Most families in developing nations depend on the money sent by their family members back home in order to fulfill their basic and additional needs.

Not just families, but remittance facilities also play a very important in the economic growth and development of the country. Most of the developing countries depend on remittance in order to sustain economically and carry out their infrastructural development activities.

the world to Nepal through:

1. Agent’s Website or App

2. Money Transfer Agent location

3. Mobile Wallet

Most money transfer companies like RIA, MoneyGram, Unimoni Exchange, Al-Ansari Exchange, and many more allow senders to send money to Nepal directly from their websites. However, one can visit their physical location nearby and provide all the necessary details like the receiver’s name, location, mode of receiving the sent money, and so on to the agent counter and send the required amount back to their loved ones.

IME has 35,000 plus agent locations spread all over Nepal which allows customers to receive their money in a very easy and safe manner.

For the past 20 years, IME Limited is a forerunner thriving to serve the migrant workers involved in foreign employment by facilitating them to send back their hard-earned money to their families at home in the safest, most credible, and most secure way. No matter the hardship of the situation, IME has always made an effort to make remittance services affordable and accessible. We believe the reliable service we have been offering for the past 20 years is the sole reason for IME to stand where it is today. As a pioneer in formalizing the remittance channel, today, IME takes pride in bringing in remittance money from more than 100 countries.