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Send Money to Nepal from Unimoni Exchange

A leading global provider of cross-border remittance, foreign exchange, and payment solutions, Unimoni Exchange offers a wide range of services to help individuals and businesses send and receive money across the world.

Unimoni enables individuals to send money to their loved ones from various countries and the same can be received by the receiver back at the destination country either in their respective bank account, cash or directly in their mobile wallet.

How to Send Money to Nepal from Unimoni Exchange:

1. Visit a Unimoni branch or agent in a location nearby. The information regarding the location can be found on  Unimoni’s website or one can contact their customer service.

2. Prepare necessary documents:

  • Identification documents (such as a passport or national ID), proof of address, and any other documentation requested by Unimoni.

3. Provide recipient details:

  • Recipient’s information, including their name, address, and contact details.
  • Recipient’s bank account details or a cash pickup option if available.

4. Specify the transfer amount:

  •  Inform the Unimoni representative about the amount you wish to send. They will provide you with the exchange rate and any applicable fees or charges.

5. Pay for Transfer:

  • Unimoni accepts various payment methods such as cash, bank transfers, or card payments, depending on the location.

6. Obtain the receipt and reference number:

  • Once the transaction is completed, ensure you receive a receipt with a reference number. This reference number is essential for tracking and verifying the status of your transfer.

7. Share the reference number with the recipient:

  • Provide the reference number to the intended recipient, along with any other instructions they may need to receive the money. If the recipient is picking up cash, they will usually need to provide identification to collect the funds.

IME has 35,000 plus agent payout locations spread across Nepal which allows customers to receive their sent money in cash.